Wrong Faction Name - Pg. 6

In the third tutorial callout on the page, it says "Place swamp landmarks on the Source well adjacent to the brawnen fortress gate and the Source well two spaces from the heir fortress gate. Cover the other twoSource wells with random landmarks."

This should say "grovetender fortress gate" instead of heir.

Wrong Upgrades in Build Phase - Pg. 8

The Build Phase section for Wave 1 and Wave 2 instruct the Grovetenders to build a reetall spire with attack and fortification. Both should instead be attack and range. The graphics in the rest of the walkthrough that show them as attack and range are correct.

Incorrect Explanation of Movement - Pg. 18

In the second Movement section on this page, it says: "You move both the battleborn and dispatch 2 hexes towards the grovetender fortress gate. While the battleborn had another movement option, it would have ended on a hex within the shrubbery’s range, which you want to avoid."

The reasoning given that you want to avoid being in the shrubbery's range is incorrect, because the shrubbery has no attack upgrades so cannot attack your units regardless. The battleborn also can't successfully attack the shrubbery, because the battleborn only deals 1 damage and the shrubbery has a fortification upgrade on the bottom so requires 2 damage to be dealt. So, because there's no benefit in ending movement beside the spire, the tutorial opts for the battleborn to end its movement on the hex that has it making as much progress towards the fortress as possible.