While we pride ourselves on the quality of our game components, some manufacturing issues can pop up from time to time. We would be happy to discuss the replacement of any misprinted, missing, or damaged components for any of our games.

We respectfully ask that you please do not contact our fulfillment partners directly with component replacement questions, as replacement requests are handled and processed by CTG directly. 

For items damaged by shipping carrier or mishandling, such as game boxes, CTG reserves the right to offer store credit in lieu of a replacement box depending on the damage to the box, the customer’s location, and shipping charges.

Important Information Regarding International Component Replacements

Please be aware that Chip Theory Games is pleased to cover the cost of the replacement component and the cost of shipping to your region per standard postal guidelines. We deeply value support in this area, and free replacements are a core part of our company ethos. However, please note that any VAT, administrative or other fees assessed by your local government or customs agency are out of our control and are fully your responsibility to pay. 

Customs laws, fees, and enforcement vary dramatically country by country. For this reason, we unfortunately cannot always guarantee that your replacement components will arrive without an additional charge of some kind depending on your local jurisdiction. 

Your replacement item will always be listed as a REPLACEMENT PART along with the manufacturing cost on the shipping label. If your customs office requires further cost verification for the replacement item, we are happy to assist you by providing an additional receipt or documentation as able. We are always standing by and ready to do everything within our power to get your replacement parts to you as quickly, safely, and affordably as we possibly can.

To get a component replaced, simply go HERE and create a ticket.  Please note that we do require pictures for all component replacement requests.  This helps us determine whether an item warrants replacement, as well as providing documentation to forward to our manufacturer.