Too Many Bones: Undertow!

Too Many Bones: Undertow
Kickstarter Launch: Oct. 17, 10:00 AM CST



(and all owners of CTG products)


As your esteemed Secretary of Technology on the Gearloc Council, it is with great sadness I must inform you of the deepest of betrayals.

Many of you know we recently dispatched seven of your fellow Gearlocs to investigate and eradicate the Tyrant presence in the north. Despite being mostly successful in said eradication, they made contact with a despicable traitor who you may know as Duster. We have also learned from contacts in the north, that they chose not to follow their orders to execute Duster on sight.

We, the Council, now call all of you to search for these traitors and stop a potential insurrection before it starts. We care not if you are orc or goblin, human or gearloc. These traitors must be executed and stopped from carrying out whatever nefarious plans they have.

Please join us in the square for a public event to Kickstart the search for these rebels at 10:00 AM CST tomorrow, the 17th. I’ll be providing an assortment of mech technology to assist in any way I can.

Secretary of Technology
Gearloc Council

Sent from my PipLoc


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