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Kickstarter Orders

If you have not received an emailed shipping notification from us, your order is still in queue, waiting to be processed.

For more detailed information on what’s going on with fulfillment, please check out our most current Kickstarter update.  It can be viewed HERE.  

But Tink!  My Pledge Manager says that my order has shipped!  Why didn’t I get a shipping confirmation?

This is due to how the Pledge Manager operates.  When an order in Pledge Manager has closed, the order information is then forwarded to our shipping software. Once this happens, the order automatically marks itself as "shipped" in Pledge Manager, regardless of the actual status of the order with us.  For instance, if a Pledge Manager account was confirmed and closed on 01/15/18, it would have listed the order as "shipped" the day after, even though Undertow was still in the development stage.

This is something that we have brought up with the Pledge Manager developer, and hopefully we will have something a little less confusing next time.

Orders Containing Preorder Items

Our estimate for the beginning of shipment for preorders placed prior to August 14th is currently mid to late October.  This is for any preorder with the wording “Estimated Delivery: Summer 2018” in the item description or region description. This may change, but it depends on how quickly we, and our fulfillment partners in Canada and the EU, are able to ship out Kickstarter orders.

Any orders or containing Too Many Bones, 40 Days in Daelore, and Age of Tyranny that were placed after August 14th now carry an estimated delivery of Q1 2019.

Please note that preorder timelines can be a bit difficult to estimate, as they are always based on the best information we have at the time.

If you have any further questions concerning your order, please contact us by creating a support ticket HERE.

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